Extra Curriculum – Contribution to another artist’s project

My Contribution to another artist’s project – Iceland July 2017

Dan Tirels Fleet Project

dan tirels 3
Fig 1 Boat Design by Dan Tirels

Through contact with another art OCA student, I learnt of an art project by Dan Tirels. As a designer, he made 100 small cardboard boats which he offered to send to people in order for them to be photograph in different situations. ( Fig 1)

Dan Tirels 1
Fig 2 Dan Tirels Instructions 


I applied and received boat No 82. in the post with the above instructions (Fig 2).

This I took to Iceland and photographed against the extraordinary geographical features. Access to volcanoes and geysers was limited but I took pictures along the coastline. Coincidently the Dan’s black and white design which he had given to  boat No 82 complemented the Icelandic scenery and volcanic eruptions (Fig 3)

dan tirels 2
Fig 3 No 82 Design 

The boat is only 12cms long and being cardboard was light-weight and water-absorbent. I trialled a few positions and needed to overcome some technical issues with the strong contrast of light and depth of field as I was wishing to include distant islands. These issues are evident in my sample contact sheets below. I eventually using the only ND filter I had with me and went for a 10sec exposure and caught blurry water in the background. This suited the general blur of the scene beyond the in-focus foreground of No 82. I trialled various compositions trying to represent the boat floundering on the rocks  and later stranded on the beach.

On a wild afternoon from a cliff top I used various angles and camera exposures. ( Fig 4 )

Fig 4 CS coast 

I then moved to another ‘beach’ with its black volcanic ash shoreline (Fig 5)

Fig 5 CS Shore


I processed and edited to 6 images ( Fig 6) and shared with one of the local Killer Whale Conservation Project scientist to choose! I was in Iceland volunteering with this conservation team, who kindly became involved in their spare time in this exercise.

Fig 6 shortlisted images

Gary preferred the blurred 10 second shot. Consequently I sent these two images ( Fig 7 & 8) to Dan Tirels for his project.

Fig 7 Final Image  – Coast
Fig 8 Final Image  – Shore

Dan Tirels, the projects artist, sent a very grateful and complimentary response, which I was pleased to receive. I have since looked at the pictures on his face book from other participants and they are all very artistically presented in different locations – this is summer holiday time and many have taken their boats (!) to far-flung places.

I was impressed by the original concept, his precision art work  and his communication with participants.  This demonstrates the wonder of the internet  as a tool for a collaborative network and a way to include strangers in one’s project. I hope to try something similar over next few years  and be able to reference Dan Tirels as my inspiration.


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